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Jens Becker Olsen
Karl-Heinz Gladbach SV (Germany)
Rainer Mast SV (Germany)
Christoph Ludwig SV (Germany)
Joe Summerhill (UK)
Glenn Gregory (NSW)
Frikkie van Fraayenburg (South Africa)
Stephen Collins (South Australia)
Eva Oster (Israel)
Jenny Yuen (Victoria)
Frank Goldlust SV (Germany)
Louis Donald SV (Queensland)
Andreas Rudolph SV (Germany)
Fran Farley (Victoria)

Jens Becker Olsen  CV dated September 2013

Danish citizen but living in Spain since 1975 on the Costa del Sol in Málaga. Owner of the affix CORONINAS since 1984.
I am an international judge for German Shepherd Dogs FCI since 1993. I have been judging German Shepherd Dog shows on national and international bases in Spain including several times the Siegerschau and other countries in Europe and also in Rusia, Morocco and specially in Southamerian (countries as Mexico, Argentina, Urugay, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil).
As a breeder I have achieved more than 70 dogs with working trial and Koerung.
In shows I have achieved 17 times the Auslese title, 15 in Spain, one in Germany and one in Austria.
In Spain I have been the President of the delegation of Andalucía for more than 25 years.
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Karl-Heinz Gladbach SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2013

Herr Gladbach has been a Member of the SV for 50 years.
His Kennel is “vom Lüttersbruch”.
(Luettersbruch.de) was registered in 1966, and has been honoured with the Golden Breeder’s Badge.
In 2006 Herr Gladbach became a Breed Judge and he was appointed to Breed Surveyor status in 2011.
Karl–Heinz has so far judged in the following countries: Poland, Hungary, Russia, Holland, Italy, 4 times in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Peru, USA, Japan, Slovakia, Estonia, the Ukraine and Belgium.
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Rainer Mast SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2011

Herr Mast hails from the German town of Oberstadion-Moosbeuren, not too far from Ulm
in the province of Baden Württemberg.

  • He has been a member of the SV since 1973.
  • In 1990 he became the owner of the Kennel vom Ermingerweg, which was founded in 1949.
  • From 1991 to 2004 he was on the executive board of his Landesgrupp in Württemberg.
  • In 2002 he became a conformation judge.
  • In 2008 obtained his Breed Suvey Master (Körmeister) license.

In addition to Germany, he has judged in many countries of the world, and also many different SHZS.
He has owned several important dogs such as:

  • Karas crveni Mayestoso the V30 at the 2006 German Sieger Show
  • Hippi crveni Mayestoso the V34 dog at the 2010 German Sieger Show
  • Ringo crveni Mayestoso the V45 dog.

Ringo was also the best son from the Sieger Ober von Bad Boll in the working class male.
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Christoph Ludwig SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2011

Herr Christoph Ludwick is 39 years old. He is employed by a bank as a business manager
and corporate and new venture adviser.
His kennel name is 'Von der Zenteiche'.

  • The kennel was established by Mr Manfred Ludwig in 1972
  • He has been a member of the SV since 1985
  • In 1997 he took over the kennels from his father, Manfred Ludwig
  • Member of the OG Nassau since 1998
  • Member of the board of the OG Nassau since 1990
  • Regional breedwarden oft the LG Rheinland-Pfalz (LG 10) and member of the SV- breeding committee from 2002 - 2005
  • Member of the Board of the LG Rheinland-Pfalz von 1999 - 2005
  • Several times member of the SV Federal Assembly
  • SV breeding judge since 2005

Some results of dogs bred by his kennels "Von der Zenteiche" at Sieger Shows:

1980 Gundo von der Zenteiche V 5
1984 Nicko von der Zenteiche SG 15
1997 Linda von der Zenteiche SG 12
         Max von der Zenteiche SG 2 -Jugend-Vice-Sieger-
         Jasmin von der Zenteiche VA 10
1998 Nanni von der Zenteiche SG 14
2000 Quana von der Zenteiche SG 8>/dt>
2001 Quana von der Zenteiche V 12
2002 Xana von der Zenteiche VA 5
2007 Pola von der Zenteiche SG 4
         Rimini von der Zenteiche SG 6
2007 Lana von der Zenteiche VA 5
2008 Lana von der Zenteiche VA 1 - Siegerin-
2009 Zara von der Zenteiche SG 3
2010 Zara von der Zenteiche VA 8
2011 Zara von der Zenteiche VA 3

Placings of his breed groups at Sieger Shows:

2000 Kennelgroup 8th place
2007 Kennelgroup 2nd place
2010/2011 Kennelgroup 3rd place
Dogs from his kennel "von der Zenteiche" who have received the sieger title in various countries:
1996 Elsa von der Zenteiche VA 1
2002 Quana von der Zenteiche VA 1
2003 Xana von der Zenteiche VA 1
2007 Kelly von der Zenteiche VA 1
2005 Effe von der Zenteiche VA 1
2007 Kerry von der Zenteiche VA 1

He has judged in over 40 shows in Germany and he has also judged in the following countries: Belgium, Mexico, China, Finland, Australia, Sweden, Slovakia, Argentina, Ireland, Taiwan, Spain, Estonia as well as other countries.
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Joe Summerhill (UK)  CV dated June 2009

Joe has been active in the Breed for over 25 years and has been breeding since 1987 through his kennel "Rafaye" which is established in the UK and in Dortmund Germany.
He is currently Chairman of the GSD Partnership which represents all the GSD Breed clubs in the UK and is active in working with the English Kennel Club and British Government in improving the Health and Welfare of GSDs in the UK.
Joe is also member of the SV since 1993 and has regularly exhibited dogs he has owned and bred at the German Sieger Show.
He is the owner of two times VA Salome von Oasis and was the top British exhibitor at the Sieger show in 2005 with the SG44 male Rafaye Duxx and the SG54 female Rafaye Cora and will be showing two young males this year in Germany.
In the UK Joe has bred and owned 4 Champions and bred the two top UK sires in 1999, Rafaye Guido and 2001 Rafaye Igel. Joe has also selectively sent dogs abroad which have gone on to become breed champions in their own countries
Joe has judged GSDs throughout the UK and abroad in Kenya, Jamaica, Barbados and Pakistan and had the highest accolade to date by judging at the 4th British Sieger show in October 2008.
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Glenn Gregory (NSW)  CV dated Sep 2009

My first involvement in dogs came when I purchased a Border Collie bitch (1981). She was trialled successfully, with numerous wins to her credit. I have trialled to UD level and instructed in obedience.

This led to the show ring. Here with Kim, I have successfully shown GSD's, Border Collies and a Belgian Shepherd.
I gained my Group 5 Judging License in 1995 and gained the GSDCA Specialist Judges License. I have judged in several States of Australia and in New Zealand, as well as the NSW & Queensland State Breed Evaluations.
As a handler I have helped take many dogs to BIS Awards, including:
*Grand Ch Crossfire Cantona 'A''Z',
*Ch Pendragan Hurly Burly 'A''Z",
*Ch Pendragan Sorcerer 'A''Z',
*Gr Ch Unshaus Storm Trooper CD ET
*Ch Bhuchaille Jazz Leader and
*Ch Glenbala Wild Grand Finale ET 'A''Z'.
We breed under the "Glenbala" Prefix.
As GSD breeders/owners we have 27 Excellent graded and Champion animals. This includes the gaining of the "Excellent Medal" at Nationals and "Excellent Select" (VA) at the Main Breed Evaluation along with many other "Excellent" awards. Obedience and Agility titles have also been gained in all disciplines including National Gold Medal 2009, National Bronze Medal 2007 and two animals gaining their Tracking Champion Titles in a single season. We have gained a GSDCA Silver Medal for breeding 25 'A' stamps and await the awarding of the Silver Medal for 25 'Z' Stamps.
Involvement in the Breed has also been through the ACTGSDA and GSDL Inc (NSW). I am currently Show Manager and Breed Affairs Contact in the ACT and have held this position for the last seven years and formerly Breed Affairs with the GSDL Inc.
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Frikkie Van Kraayenburg (South Africa)  CV dated September 2008

I started breeding German Shepherd Dogs in 1979 under our kennel prefix Grehenheim. The kennel has subsequently grown to one of the most successful in South Africa. The breeding policy is modelled on the most successful (possibly the only successful) system in the world, namely the German system as run by the Deutsche Schäferhund Verein (SV). In order to remain up to date with new developments, regular trips to Germany are undertaken.
The kennel, in partnership with my wife Sonia, became the first kennel to be awarded the Breeders' Gold and Breeders’ Platinum medals and is currently the only holder of the Breeders' Diamond Award. The kennel has won the National Kennel Group 11 times out of 14 competitions, 10 of which were consecutive.

The kennel has bred seven VA’s and has often exhibited dogs at the German Sieger Show.
I was made Founder member of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa in 1984. I was elected to the executive of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa in 1990 as National Administrator and became President in February 2000 a position which I currently hold. I have been active in dog-training clubs since 1983.
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Stephen Collins (South Australia)  CV dated September 2008

My involvement with the GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG began in 1973 with my wife Christine when we purchased our first dog. We became members of the GSDC of SA Inc., in the same year.
We have been members of the Club since 1973 and were granted Life Membership to the GSDC of SA in 1994, and have received a Service Award from the GSDC of Australia.
I have held numerous committee positions on the Committee of the GSDC of SA including that of President, Hon. Secretary, 2nd Vice President, Breed Affairs Chairperson.
We registered the RHOSYN prefix in February 1975, with our first litter born in July of the same year. Our first visit to a National event was the Fourth National at Nuriootpa in 1976 as a spectator. We have exhibited at all but approximately Five Nationals since that first experience.
I achieved my ANKC German Shepherd judge’s license in 2002 and GSDC of A Inc Specialist Judges License in 2007. I have judged German Shepherd Specialist Shows in North and South Island (NZ), and also in SA.
We have bred Seven National and Main Breed Show Class winners, National Breeders Group Winner, a National Silver medallist and numerous top ten placed animals.
We have imported into Australia Ch *Gigolo v Elzmundungsraum ‘a’ ED Bronze Medallist 2007, Vice Sieger 2007, also the 2008 Gold Medallist *Vimo vd Hopfenhalle ‘a’ ED

Our kennel statistics:
Breed Surveyed Animals: Over 60
Excellent Graded Animals: 55
“A” Stamp Animals In excess of 85
“A” Stamp Animals: In excess of 85
“Z” Stamp Animals: Over 50
Champions: 6
Obedience Titled: 15

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Eva Oster (Israel)  CV dated August 2007

I was born in Sweden in 1942.
Studied at "University of California" at Berkeley.
Moved to Israel 1972 with husband and two children. Permanent Resident status in Israel since then, (but non-citizen) - U.S. citizenship and passport.
Imported seven German Shepherds from Germany.
Breeder and owner of several Champions. (Kennel prefix: Osterland )
Positions in the GSD Club of Israel: Vice President and National BREED WARDEN
National specialty GSD Judge since 1986
International FCI Specialty breed judge since 2001.
Attended the yearly Hauptzuchtsiegerschau in Germany for the past 23 years, and representing Israel at the yearly annual WUSV Conference.
Hobbies: Helicopter pilot, and International FEI Equestrian Judge.
Judging Appointments:
* 9 National Specialty and Open Shows
* International Shows (awarding CACIB's)
* 2 Specialty GDS Shows in Sweden
* Challenge Certificates Santiago, Chile.
* Championship Show England
* Championship Show (Southern Counties)
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Jenny Yuen (Victoria)  CV dated September 2007

A Primary School Teacher at the time, Jenny first became involved with the German Shepherd Breed in 1973 when she swapped a calf for a bitch puppy. She became a member of the Victorian Kennel Control in 1974, dabbling in the all-breeds ring before joining the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria in 1977. Dogs have since taken over her life, both as a hobby and as a business, having been the proprietor of a large Boarding Kennel and Cattery for 15 years.
Her first serious involvement with the breed/show scene began with the purchase of the well-known Ingo son Aust Ch Bratara Sultan Cl.1 Excellent in 1979. It was love at first sight and Jenny and husband Dennis were hooked! The following few years saw them campaigning Sultan's progeny, then Aust Ch Rintilloch Rouge (Imp UK) Cl.1 Excellent, Aust Ch Erntemond Gold Lancer Cl.11 Excellent and Grando vom Trabersruh (Imp Gmy) Cl.1 'a' Excellent.
In 1990 Jenny and Dennis purchased of several "girls", the most notable being Aust Ch Hagenstolz Draw Card Cl.1 'A' 'Z', Dual Gold Medallist and Siegerin (better known as Whoopi) and Aust Ch Pallendon Wyldfire Cl.1 'A' 'Z' Excellent Select (owned in partnership with D Ballantyne, Qld.)
She breeds very sparingly under the prefix Djenuen (pronounced genuine), with Aust Ch Djenuen Gin Rummy Cl.1 'A' 'Z' Excellent Select being a highlight.
By Jenny's admission, she has always been a sucker for a lovely male, so it was only a matter of time before another one adorned her couch. He came in the form of the now legendary Aust Ch Iwan vom Lechtal (Imp Gmy) Cl.1 'a' 'Z' H-Neg, National Gold Medallist and Australian Sieger (owned in partnership with Rogers, Humphreys and Haase).
Following the upset of Iwan's death in 2002 she and Dennis tried to 'step back' a little. In spite of this Jenny's interest and involvement continued through her Judging, Surveying and attendance at all major shows. With the memory of Iwan ever present Jenny and Dennis fell in love with the lovely and most typical Iwan daughter Iccara Vegas Showoff Cl.1 'A' 'Z' ('Venus') purchasing her just prior to the 2004 National at which she became Gold medallist. Venus rekindled Jenny's enjoyment of exhibiting resulting in numerous successes, the Aust Ch. title and just recently achieving the highest award, an Excellent Select and the 2007 Australian Siegerin title.
Jenny's club involvement includes at least 20 years service at the Victorian Club in one capacity or another; as a Show Instructor, Breed Liaison Officer for the Specialist Show Branch, Branch Manager, Assistant Breed Affairs Administrator and currently the Victorian Breed Affairs Administrator.
She received her Championship Judges Licence in 1991 and her Breed Surveyors Ticket in 2001 and has since judged in most States of Australia and New Zealand.
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Frank Goldlust SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2004

Date of Birth: 30.10.1957
Place of Birth: Berlin
Profession: Civil Servant at the Free University of Berlin
1971 - Beginning of membership
1978 - Appointed "Zuchtwart" (Inspector of breeding) at the age of 20. This office has been held ever since. During this period approximately 250 litters have been cared for and inspected.
1979 - Registration of the name of kennels "vom Frankengold". An entry of 40 litters, several dogs were "angekort" and graded "excellent".
1988 - Beginning of training for the office of "Zuchtrichter" (judge).
1989 - Appointed Judge.
1990-1996 - More than 80 appointments in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, White Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand, USA, Columbia, Chile, Austria, Slovenia, Australia
1996 - Appointed "Kormeister"
1997 and 2002 - Appointed judge of German Federal Champion exhibition (Bundessiegerzuchtschau)
From 1972 to this day I have attended more than 350 exhibitions at home and abroad, 25 Federal championship exhibitions and many championship exhibitions in Scandinavia. Moreover I attended approximately 60 "Korungen" and 7 Federal championship examinations. From 1972 to this day I have been an active dog leader with many exhibitions including the Federal championship exhibition.
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Louis Donald SV (Queensland)  CV dated September 2004

Louis has been involved in German Shepherd Dogs for 42 years.
Starting in the breed at the age of 12, by the age of 15 he was elected to his first official appointment of Vice President of the Canberra Non-Sporting and Working Dog Club. By the age of 17 he was also the Chief Training Instructor.

By 1980 his kennel "Bratara" had accounted for 160 Best Exhibit in Show awards with numerous major wins at nationals and a number of Supreme Best Exhibit in Show wins at Royal Shows. One of his German Shepherd Dogs won 56 Best Exhibit in Show awards out of 65 outings.
He was elected President of the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia at age 26, a position he held for approximately 20 years. During this period he either initiated or was the overseer of all the major breed improvement schemes now in use throughout Australia.
He became a fully licensed international championship working dog judge in 1974 and in 1978 completed his exams in Germany to become Australia's first fully licensed SV German Shepherd Dog Judge, and at that time the youngest fully listed SV judge in the world. Louis is a licensed Breed Surveyor and often lectures on the German Shepherd Dog.
His overseas appointments have included England, Italy, South Africa, Singapore, India, Philippines, New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
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Andreas Rudolph SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2006

Andreas was born in 1948 in the former East Germany where he grew up and is still resident. He was educated in Agricultural Science specializing in cattle husbandry and is currently employed in a Museum of Agricultural History. While still in his teens, in 1965 he became a member of the East German Dog Sport Association and the Special Breed Club for German Shepherd Dogs.
In 1966 he obtained the Kennel suffix 'von Westsachsen' (from West Saxony) and has since bred over 120 litters, predominantly in the earlier years. He actively participated in showing and trialing numerous dogs. In 1978 at the age of 29, he became a licensed conformation judge, becoming a breed surveyor three years later. In 1984 he became the Head of Breed Affairs for the East German SV, a position he retained until its amalgamation with the SV in 1990.

Andreas had a strong personal involvement in the amalgamation of the East German SV, and also in 1990 he was elected President of the SV State Branch of Saxony (Landesgruppe Sachsen) a position he retained through elections in 1994, 1998 and 2002. He is at present a member of the SV Management and Finance Committee and has been recognized with numerous honours and awards.
He has conducted countless breed surveys and adjudicated at over 320 conformation shows and is looking forward to judging again in Canberra.
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Fran Farley (Victoria)  CV dated September 2006

As a daughter of an all Breeds judge, who specialised in working dogs, an interest in handling, not only in the show ring but training and trialling dogs, grew in early childhood years.
"Baccara" German Shepherd kennels commenced in early 1967 and produced many Excellent graded and Breed Surveyed animals, including the renowned "Icecapade" and later, two Excellent Select animals, Ch Baccara Red Beret and Ch Baccara Blue Curacao, her dam Sterling Idea being the dam of Excellent Select Djenuen Gin Rummy.
Owner of Ch Iniff Vagrant - a son of Red Beret, "Tramp" won the Gold medal in 1992 and was Sieger in 1993. He went on to gain his CDX and TD titles, after retirement from the show ring. I am currently aiming for UD with Baccara Sterling Bead Cl1 'A''Z' CDX. To date, she has gained Excellent gradings in obedience and won the Bronze medal from Novice at the 2004 National.

Whilst not breeding anymore, recent show ring adventures have included exhibiting and having lots of fun with the two greys "Rogue" and "Risky Business" from Eisenland Kennels and the young bitch "Xtacy".
I gained my full Championship Specialist judges license in 1977 and have judged on numerous occasions in all states of Australia, including Main Breed show level. Overseas appointments include both islands of New Zealand, Malaysia and India. I have been a Breed surveyor since the inception of the National scheme in Australia and visit the Sieger show as often as possible to keep abreast of the scene in Germany.
Whilst I know I will thoroughly enjoy this weekend, I do hope that all exhibitors, will not only enjoy the company of fellow breed enthusiasts, but the pleasure our canine friends bring to us each and every day.
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